Dr. Ajit Hazarika


The sixties and seventies of the last century witnessed remarkable expansion of higher education in the greater Naduar area of Sonitpur district. The thirst for knowledge like a fresh wind of spring enthused the people to embark on the audacious task of establishing colleges in this economically backward area. Tyagbir Hem Baruah College, the only institute of higher education in the greater Naduar area was established in 1963 by the illiterate, but spiritually enlightened peasants of the area under the leadership of a few farsighted people. The college , situated by the National Highway 15 is in between Tezpur and Biswanath Chariali with a distance of 55 km to Tezpur and 20 km to Biswanath Chariali. With a view to creating responsible citizens who can serve and lead the society in different fields the college offers new knowledge of science and technology to the students hailing from the villages of the area besides teaching of the conventional subjects. The college which was once started with a few students is presently offering various courses to about 2500 students. The college is also imparting Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in different subjects through the recognized study centres of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University and the Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IDOL).Efforts are also being made by the college to obtain recognition and necessary permission to introduce subjects like Computer Science and B.C.A. The growth of the college may not be spectacular but efforts are on to make it a remarkable institution of higher education on the North Bank of the Brahmaputra. This college with all the challenges and hurdles faced by the rural colleges in Assam is trying to keep pace with time and emerging changes through constant innovations. The college library has been digitalized and Wi-Fi facilities have been made accessible to all.The college is a confluence of teachers with variety of skills and experiences. Many teachers of the college are frequently engaged in diverse research activities and their quest of knowledge and wisdom may help in expanding the horizons of the minds of the young generations and make remarkable impact on the society.